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3 Months Online Celebrations.!
Published on 05-01-2018
Hello Dear members
Status = Open

We are very happy on 3 months online.
thats really great achievement.
We are very thankful to all members.
We have a great support from you.

On members request We are offering big discounts on all memberships and Rented Refferals.

Membership discounts :

1.Golden 1=(15$ original)--now 10$ only.
2.Golden 3=(40$ original)-- now 30$ only.
3.Golden 6=(80$ original)-- now 55$ only.
4.Golden 12=(150$ original)-- now 100$ only.
5.Ultimate 6=(360$ original)-- now 260$ only
6.Ultimate 12=(690$ original)-- now 450$ only

Free Rented Refs:

1.Buy 50 Rented Refs Get free 25 Rented Refs
2.Buy 100 Rented Refs Get free 50 Rented Refs
3.Buy 200 Rented Refs Get free 100 Rented Refs

Note: Bonus will added manually.

Offer is valid till 15 January.

Good Luck to all of you for your Earnings!!